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  1. Where do the operator companies come from?
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Like its competitors, it gets a share of the revenue that merchants bring in when they offer a group-buying discount. The white-label solution, the Tippr founder says, gives publishers and other sites full control over the relationship with both advertisers and customers, and anything that happens remains within their brand.

Where do the operator companies come from?

While some publishers like McClatchy might see partnering with Groupon or LivingSocial as a shortcut to riches in the group-buying game, others may see things differently, and resent giving someone else control over the advertising relationship. Post and thumbnail photos courtesy of Flickr user Olaf Gradin. The truth about tippr.

Come on, does the market really take you serious?

Organize your investment transactions in complete confidentiality

Does that sell? Dear prospective client of Tippr, do you see a conflict of interest in working with Tippr? They still run their own program. I agree with Bob, Martin is just buying this stuff.

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Also, after what he did at Imporium, not many people here in the Seattle area trust him. Good luck the his team, as i hope they get smart and start looking for another CEO as Martin is either going to leave or get sued for some sort of wrong doing…get out team, get out. Tippr is not an innovator, not anything. We offer a turnkey co-investment and deal club management platform to simplify the conduct of multiple online investing operations.

6 White Label Software & Services You Can Resell And Make Money - BuildFire

We want all investment players to benefit from quality sourcing by aggregating multiple data sources. We want investors to access online opportunity data to make their decision as quickly as possible. Your co-investment platform is not indexed by search engines. Only you, your co-investors and club member can access it.

Your data are hosted in France and encrypted according to banking standards. Closing out multiple investments has never been easier. Each member accesses the investment record, invests and pays the funds. Once the legal phase is complete, the documents are signed online and available in the space of each member.


Reseller Updates

Sourceforge is an excellent website to list your software deals. They are a team of dedicated deal hunters, focused on searching the latest deals at lowest prices all over the internet. They posted dozens of top-quality deals around the clock so that their customers get the perfect deals. Coupon Album was founded in They have more than plus stores on their website, and they provide coupons and discount offers for 4, plus top stores.

They make the process of finding online coupons and promotions on different products easy for their customers. They will smash you over with the most excellent deals you can locate online. They are a community site whose content is run exclusively by the shoppers themselves. Deal Catcher is an online community where you can find online coupons, products, sales, reviews, and rebates.

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