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They are a Staple. So dog gone awesome!! These guys ROCK!!!

Want to learn how to make Wooden Wick Candles?

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Texas Candle Making Supplies

Paper Core Wicks. Wooden Wicks. Wick Sampler Kits. Wick by the Roll. Tube Wicks.

Lone Star Candle Supply Coupons & Promo Codes October 12222

Round Molds. Square Molds. Octagon Spiral Molds. Oval Molds. Other Pillar Molds. Votive Molds. Pillar Molds Round Molds. Seamless Aluminum Molds. Mold Accessories. Silicone Molds. Liquid Dyes. Dye Blocks. Other Dye Products.

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Pouring Pots. Digital Scales. Other Equipment. Caution Labels Other Accessories. Caution Labels. Other Accessories. Candle Making Starter Kits.

Stuffed Bears. Cosmetic Bases. Soap Molds. Cosmetic Base Recipes. Choosing a Soy Wax. Palm Wax Guidelines. Paraffin Wax Guidelines. New Ecosoya Quantum Technology Wax. Candle Waxes FAQ. Guide To Wicking. Using Multiple Wicks in a Candle. Candle Wicks FAQ. Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils. Vanillin and Ethyl Vanillin Content. Fragrance Oils FAQ. Liquid Dye Usage. Candle Dyes FAQ. Candle Containers Information. Candle Containers FAQ. Candle Molds Information. Candle Molds FAQ. How To Make Container Candles. How to Make Soy Container Candles. How to Make Wax Tarts.

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How To Make Votive Candles. How to Make Pillar Candles. How To Make Ice Candles. How To Make Wax Cupcakes. How To Make Smelly Jelly. How To Decoupage A Container. Candle Making FAQ. Summer Fragrance Recipes. Fall Fragrance Recipes. Winter Fragrance Recipes. Spring Fragrance Recipes. Masculine Fragrance Recipes. Feminine Fragrance Recipes. Leather Fragrance Recipes. Other Fragrance Recipes.

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Measuring Soy Wax. Melting Soy Wax. Wicking a Jar With a Straw. Pouring Melted Wax Into a Jar.

Candle Making University

Container Candle Cooling Time. Finishing Touches.

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Cleaning Your Tools and Equipment. Wick Testing. Preparing a Mold With a Wick Pin. Candle Making Equipment. Candle Containers. Candle Molds. Glossary of Terms. Newsletter Archives. Other Products FAQ. Candle Wicks Guide To Wicking. Candle Containers Candle Containers Information. Candle Molds Candle Molds Information. Fragrance Recipes Summer Fragrance Recipes.